GOD? or Dot?


Evolutionary doctrine. The current Evolutionary teaching sounds something like this. Approximately 20 billion years ago there was a minute DOT of matter, which was spinning very fast. The eventually dot exploded (The Real Big Bang) and the galaxies, planetary bodies, etc. began to form. Approximately 4.6 billion years ago the planet Earth was formed. Eventually an atmosphere and weather formed; and for millions of years it rained on the rock of planet Earth. It rained and stormed until approximately 3 billion years ago the first single-celled life form appeared. From that point on, through various chance happenings, a multitude of life forms appeared culminating in man-kind about 3 million years ago.


Problems! No person ever saw any of this. No one has ever seen life appear out of non-life. No one has ever observed one kind of life changing into another kind of life--roses beget roses, horses beget horses, humans beget humans. No one has ever observed a lizard changing into a bird. There are no known fossils that demonstrate changes from one kind of animal to another. (Hoax Evidences)


Science deals with the observable and testable. Evolutionary theory is a worldview, a pair of glasses through which the world is viewed, that cannot be proven scientifically. To prove it scientifically someone would have had to have been there and properly document the events. Or, at the very least, key evidence must be found and the proposed evolutionary processes must be recreated in the laboratory. Evolution cannot be know rationally, it must be believed. That means, by proper definition, evolution is a religion. Evolution is in the realm of faith. Obviously, many take scientifically derived and/or discovered evidences, interpreted through the evolutionary model and try to lend weight to their religion


The religion of Evolution can be judged by its fruit. (Evolution Evils)


Biblical Creation doctrine. The Bible teaches that the Eternal God spoke all time, space, and matter into existence in six 24-hour days, and all that was made was made by God Almighty. On the final day of creation, day six, the Lord God took special action and formed man of the dust of the ground and then breathed into the first man's nostrils the breath of life, "and man became a living soul." This is the essence of the Bible's teaching on creation.


For the first five days of creation God was the only being there (possibly with the exception of angelic being being created on day three or four) and it is each person's responsibility to determine God's trustworthiness. On day six Adam was created and God then, in addition to filling the earth with animals on days four and five, created two of each kind of animal before Adam as seen in Genesis chapter two. (Read Genesis 1 & 2) We have Adam's written testimony in Genesis. Except for Adam no one has seen God create; neither has any one been able to reproduce the Genesis creative acts in a laboratory. Creation is also a worldview. The belief that God created this world that we live in six 24-hour days cannot be scientifically proven either. There is much evidence though that demonstrated the Bible to be completely accurate, and the author of the Bible, the Living God, to be truth and not capable of lying.


How are we to decide what to believe?  The true proverb says "for as he thinketh in his heart, so is he." (Proverbs 23:7) The fact is you are what you believe. There really is only one responsible course of action. Each person needs to take the claims of Evolutionism and the Bible (not "Christian" religions) and test them with known facts. If you are committed to truth and not lies you will come to an answer that may shock you.


I hope that your thinking has been challenged. If not, do not stop reading. Here is a big bite to swallow. There are two major reasons why Biblical Creationism is an intelligent belief, opposed to evolutionary belief. Firstly, there is an ancient historic document that testifies to God creating that has never been proven to make one false statement--the Bible. Second, and lastly, the scientific evidences that people have scientifically discovered or derived fit the creation model much more completely than they do the evolutionary model. Now that I have thrown down the gauntlet, if you would like to pick it up please click the back button to read more articles.